Monday, August 28, 2017

Braving Harvey

Harvey Leaves a Path of Destruction

Our members are reeling from the biggest storm to hit Texas ... ever.  Harvey has dumped millions of gallons of water on our city and neighborhoods that have traditionally been high and dry are flooding, streets are impassable and the shelters are full.

Though most have escaped direct damage. Some members reports:
Hallie Vanderhider "I had water in the family room but from the ceiling and will have to take out sheetrock and water came under the French doors in the master bedroom. But I'm safe so still grateful." 
Beth Wolfe "We were taken out in boats. 4' of water in the house. We are at a hotel  at least we are safe." 
Doris Taylor "I live in med center area. The Spires high rise on Holcombe lobby is flooded and med center is flooded. I left and am fine. "
Renu Khator "Suresh and I are safe as are our students (over 2,500) who stayed in campus housing. Our UH police and emergency team have been busy helping students stranded outside the campus. Main campus infrastructure seems to have weathered the storm reasonable well. Victoria campus is badly damaged. Downtown campus lost power and has some water. Rest is okay. We are grateful and are busy in executing post storm recovery efforts now."
Kari Gonzales "We are safe & well supplied in West U. Water is in the attic and we’ve lost one, possibly two cars. But as long as the power is on, there is nothing to complain about here! We have one flooded family moving into our guest quarters as soon as they can safely get here. My security cameras at Cartier show that River Oaks District is draining well and we do not appear to have any water in the building." 
Amy Purvis "The Museum has had some issues, but mostly predictable ones that we have encountered during previous storms - flooding in the cottage and in the basement at Bayou Bend. Also some low level flooding at Rienzi and within the auditorium at the main Sarofim campus. But the on-site teams are handling it very well and all collections are safe."
Melissa Aguilar "My house in Bellaire is one of the few that hasn’t flooded. My car was not so lucky."
Michele LaNoue "We're ok. Our house is flooded and power is out.  They've rescued people here by boat and helicopter. It's unbelievable.  We've never had water in the house before and yet it got high enough to ruin the piano to give you and idea of what it's like.   So far we can't get out even though it appears to have dropped a couple of feet today.   We just watched a neighbor try to leave in a Jeep Cherokee and flood it out.  We have plenty of bottled water and canned food for us and the cats, so can wait it out. "
Karen Garcia  "We had three rooms flood, so are now staying with our daughter in the Heights. We are fine." 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Dine-Arounds a HIT

Houston members enjoy Dine-Arounds every spring and fall, when a handful of generous hostesses open their homes to small groups of 8-12 women for a convivial evening of fun.  These dinners are one of the most powerful ways to forge friendships among our busy colleagues.  This group has gathered in the hi rise home of Karen Penner.  Other Spring hostesses were Annise Parker and Sheryl Rapp.  Our fall Dine-around will be incorporated into the World Leadership Conference schedule, which we are hosting in October 2017.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Member Behind the Scenes at The Cistern

Sheryl Rapp & Judy Nyquist organized an exclusive peek at the first art installation to take over a formerly abandoned 1920s water reservoir in Houston, Texas.  

An immersive storm, Magdalena Fern├índez: Rain debuted December 10 with a video and sound work that simulates the sound of a deluge in the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern. Much as this urban space is a human-made cavern, so is the noise of the weather itself artificial, with Fern├índez sampling the Slovenian choir Perpetuum Jazzile’s finger snaps, leg slaps, and hand claps to generate the sonic tempest.  The group was captivated:
Kathryn Rabinow Great tour Judy Nyquist! Thank you.
Natalye Appel Thank you Judy Nyquist - I still hear the rain!
Ginni Mithoff What a wonderful experience! I can't wait to take my family now. Thanks, Judy and Cheryl for organizing us.
Donna Alexander This is a breathtaking experience. So proud of Buffalo Bayou Partnership. Thank you Judy Nyquist.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

Texas members take the stage to issue an invitation to Houston.
Your sisters did our best to represent you in Chicago and managed to deliver a BIG TEXAS invitation for IWF members from around the world to come to Houston in October 2017.  We even threw an after hours Taste of Texas Hospitality to inspire folks.  Enjoy the highlights.

IWF members from Canada and Bhutan enjoy a Taste of Texas Hospitality with Gracie Cavnar.

L-R: Mary Kelly, Crystal Ashby, Beth Wolff, Suzanne Hite, Loretta Cross,
Sheryl Rapp, Susan Pye, Catherine Mosbacher & Gracie Cavnar

The Houston members meet with IWF Global Leadership including COO- Heath Nash (rear left),
Board Chair-Teresa Weintraub (center rear) and President & CEO-Stephanie O'Keefe (front right.)

Chicago Highlights from IWF on Vimeo.